SkyCool has been used in a wide variety of building applications. 100's of clients can attest to the real savings generated by SkyCool.


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A Cool Roof Coating "

that almost defies the conventional laws of physics. SkyCool provides a profound cooling effect that can halve the running costs of mechanical air-conditioning in buildings with metal roofs."

“ Energy reduction at Melbourne Airport is due to a range of projects and initiatives, so attributing % savings to any one item is not practical.  The combination of measures has resulted in a saving of ~25% in heating and cooling demand, of which we believe SkyCool is over half of the total.”

Heat Reflective Paint

SkyCool - A Cool way to reduce Costs

SkyCool brings heat reflective paint, to the Australian marketplace enabling large reductions in air conditioning operating costs.

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Thanks SkyCool for " the quality service recently provided . . . for our large Diesel Generator / UPS building . . . reducing the inside temperature of the containers between 8 and 10 degrees on extreme hot days.


Would recommend the application of SkyCool to any such installation."

engineering group

- proves SkyCool as a cost effective solution for overloaded HVAC.

Prestige Brands Australia

" Based on our experience I have no hesitation in recommending SkyCool to any organisation looking for an economical way of keeping their warehouse cool."

"Perth Airport is committed to incorporating environmental features that promote energy efficiencies in our redevelopment projects such as SkyCool provides a valuable means to significantly reduce our air conditioning energy demands."


Better than all forms of insulation, this "heat reflective paint" is a roof coating which interacts with the sky to actually draw heat out of the building rendering its interior cooler than ambient air - even under extreme summertime heat loads. Read more . . .


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Designed as a "Heat Pump"

Designed as a white roof paint to combat overheating in metal roofed industrial and commercial buildings, SkyCool can prevent excess heat produced by the sun from entering the building. In fact, it will even "pump out" some of the internal heat to produce an environment that is cooler and more comfortable than shaded external ambient air. Industrial users have recorded constant internal sub-roof temperature decreases of 20 to 40°C; bringing their work areas to around 14°C below ambient in the peak of summer.
SkyCool is a specialised heat reflective white roof coating applied to the exterior of metal roofed buildings.
SkyCool Pty Ltd is a company of the new millennium, formed specifically to bring the SkyCool heat reflective white roof paint to the world community. We are very proud of the fact that SkyCool was developed in Australia and is attracting interest from around the world. Since its' establishment the company has had the opportunity to prove both the uniqueness and the roof cooling effectiveness of SkyCool from the tropical north of the country to the temperate zones 3,000 km to the south.
SkyCool Pty Ltd is headquartered in Sydney with its family of customers ranging from Cairns to Melbourne to Perth to Singapore and SE Asia.
With growth accelerating in a climate of growing environmental concerns and escalating energy costs, the company is developing a strong position in the 400 million square metre Australian metal roofed commercial / industrial building market. We are now considered as the industry leaders in the white roof paint marketplace in both technology and quality of service.

This remarkable example of the SkyCool effect on metal roofing, showing a 39oC cooling of the 17,000 m2 exposed roof, results in substantial savings in air conditioning operating costs.

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"a job well done".

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